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About Digital Art / Student Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.23/Male/United States Groups :iconisland-of-nomola: Island-of-Nomola
The island of mammals
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Mature Content

Apatite Flashes Her Fans!
Apatite finally gets naked! 
Pretty much something everyone's been waiting for all year
Really thought I'd have someone to pay me for this sooner 
I guess I couldn't help myself 
Lesbian porn is just too much for me to hide away for myself 

For real though, only paying customers will unlock all the good stuff
Only people with money can convince me otherwise 
Outsiders will be ignored .. if you wanna call them that 
Like seriously, if you have no money I won't be swayed
Seriously, go get a job 

honestly I was gonna celebrate today by doing a different kinda comic but I did this instead cus I was too proud of it to not share it 

now back to commissions 

I do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network. Apatite belongs to me
Just a heads up, we celebrated our 200th ask just recently on the blog (it got pretty spicy, the blog is doing quite well btw NSFW-wise) 

so as a little treat, I'll finally show Apatite being fully naked for the first time 

if you wanna be there when it happens, be sure to tune in to Send-Apatite-Your-Nudes this Saturday night at 10pm to see the moment she bares it all

I'll upload it here too on Sunday soon after it happens so the rest of you can enjoy it 

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
Just to give an idea of the characters and the behaviors and what to expect. If the story gets fleshed out and some parts start to sound pretty good I might just draw a few scenes or whatever.

Godzilla Adults030 by RoFlo-Felorez
Extra Kaiju 031 by RoFlo-Felorez

if you remember the last post, then some of these doodles will make sense, if you have any questions about what's going on here, fire away! 

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
ive been getting a few questions about inclusion of NSFW stuff in my commissions, so now i've had to add an extra chunk of info to my prices. 

NSFW Section by RoFlo-Felorez

Hope this sorts things out, as always I'm still up for discussion to anyone who wants to see anything in particular for the Apatite blog or anything else, and all other commission stuff is directed right here

Commissions and Prices!! *PRICE UPDATES*- GOING RATES:
*1 character pose = free with every purchase
*more than 1 characters = $5.00 after the first character
+1 = $5.00

and so forth
*splash art non-background = free
*simple scenic earth-based background = $1.00 extra
*destroyed earth-based background= $3.00
*customized backgrounds = $5.00
*crazy scifi based backgrounds = $7.00
*light sketches in black and white  
    digital = $5.00
   paper = $7.50

*sketches and flat colors

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
This is something I've been toying around with for a while, but I never really told anyone about this until now.

I've had the idea for writing some kind of kaiju fiction centered around Godzilla and the other monsters of his world, but set in the Late Cretaceous period, and following the events of the KT Event. I haven't exactly narrowed down the plot elements I wanna keep and what I wanna get rid of, but for the most part I already know what direction I wanna go in with the characters I had in mind. To keep things simple, I'll just jot down some ideas and see if you guys would be interested more in the story before I actually start writing stuff.

Also just to be sure, the cast would be any of the Legendary kaiju that are most likely to appear on Earth in prehistoric times, or arrived on earth as aliens
Legendary Kaiju Lineup by RoFlo-Felorez

* Godzilla and his kind have existed since the Permian era, and occasionally come up to land for food, to find new breeding grounds, or just to stretch their legs

* the main characters at first would focus on a mighty alpha male Godzilla, his mate and their child, and the alpha male's thinner, weaker brother who occasionally challenges him in a fight for dominance. the story starts with them, but later is passed on to the child as a coming of age story

* the parents, having only one child, try to train the youngest Godzilla to be big and strong, so that one day he may be able to restore balance to nature if the time comes

* the KT Event occurs, setting off a chain reaction volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and storms across the globe, along with parasitic creatures hunting various Earth kaiju for sport (the Mutos may play a role in this aspect as well)

* the Alpha Male and his family escape the disaster by fleeing to the sea, but the weaker brother is devoured by some of the parasites and left to die, only for someone else to begin new plans

* after the disaster occurs, the earth is in ruins, the dinosaurs have gone extinct and many species of kaiju are forced to come to the surface where they begin to fight for resources and safety

* the Alpha Male becomes ill, and the rest of the family know that his time will come soon, so the mother becomes the defender of the family for the time being

* later it is discovered that the meteorite that caused the KT Event was Monster X curled up into a ball, covered by a couple of cyber monsters built from alien technology and scavenged carcasses of earth kaiju thousands of years prior to his return

* Monster X had been experimenting with making hybrid kaiju soldiers with whatever he could find, but if there were any power source stronger than anything he had used before, he would use it on himself rather than his test subjects, and become unstoppable

* the Mother and offspring Godzilla are off hunting, when they encounter Monster X's henchman, Gigan, she sends her offspring to escape as she fends him off, but in her old age she is unsuccessful, and her body is lost at sea

* while trying to hide from predators, the offspring Godzilla is encountered by a hungry Ebirah, but before he becomes its prey a mysterious new breed of Godzilla blasts it away with a purple laser before wandering off into the cloudy debris

* several weeks later the young Godzilla is lost, but discovers Infant Island where he safely feeds on some of the giant insects that roam freely on the island

* before getting cornered by Kumonga, a large Anguirus steps in to fight off the spider while a Baragon steps in to help; though vicious looking they were quite docile and not so predatory

* seeing him as no threat, the monstrous due take the young Godzilla under their wing and keep him safe on the island as they help him grow and replenish his strength

* the young Godzilla encounters a lost Mothra larvae and brings it back to its nest, earning the trust of the mother, who offers her own protection along with the 2 earth guardians

* years go by as the young Godzilla slowly grows and develops with his new allies, meanwhile Monster X, Gigan, a couple of small Megalons (and a bigger Megalon) and some parasitic crustacean-like creatures search the globe for more radioactive energy sources for power

* the young Godzilla grows stronger after fighting giant insects and training with his protectors/family so that one day he can embark on a journey to find his father and maybe locate his mother as well

* one day they encounter the Alpha Male's brother who was left to die, and now revived by Monster X's experimentation to come back to life as Spacegodzilla in order to hunt down his brother and finally get his revenge in return for the fresh raw nuclear energy in his heart

* the Alpha Male's illness will result in a nuclear meltdown in a few years, so the young Godzilla and his crew aim to find his father before the invaders do first, encountering various other kaiju and making bonds, making enemies, and all struggling to survive in the process

idk i guess now at this point, everything would be considered a spoiler if i wrote it in chapters 

but hey if you guys like these ideas i'll expand further into detail once i start writing stuff, and if you guys have questions about the story feel free to ask. i already got some doodles going just for my own personal pleasure, and i might make more to play around with this idea.

kinda like this one
the Royal Lagoon by RoFlo-Felorez
(this piece was actually based on this fanfic idea i had for the last couple of years)

so lemme know what you think and if you guys would be interested in reading more stories based on this idea.


Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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I'm just a regular guy, aiming to make it big in the animation industry, but also dabbling in digital art every chance I get. Here you will find a bunch of fanart, kaiju stuff, Steven Universe gemsonas, and lots of OC's that I'm aiming to use in future projects.

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Just a heads up, we celebrated our 200th ask just recently on the blog (it got pretty spicy, the blog is doing quite well btw NSFW-wise) 

so as a little treat, I'll finally show Apatite being fully naked for the first time 

if you wanna be there when it happens, be sure to tune in to Send-Apatite-Your-Nudes this Saturday night at 10pm to see the moment she bares it all

I'll upload it here too on Sunday soon after it happens so the rest of you can enjoy it 

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:


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So have you ever seen the Shin Godzilla?
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Where can I find information on non-NSFW commissions?
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I see you've created several film crossover pieces involving Legendary Goji.

Think you'll be doing more?

Perhaps some with Kong?

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i only continue these comics via commission
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good to know 
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