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About Digital Art / Student Member Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.21/Male/United States Group :iconisland-of-nomola: Island-of-Nomola
The island of mammals
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Godzilla needs a break by RoFlo-Felorez
Godzilla needs a break
ok so i need a moment to talk about this 

i have quite a bit of suggestions on my hands at the moment, and i will get to them all ... but for the time being i wanna stress the rules and stuff

i will get to your suggestions as long as you pertain to a film, cartoon, or any anime, no video games, comics, books, or random requests. it has to be something that a large number of people have seen and are able to understand the reference, so films and anime are often the best bet for that
the reason i do that is because there are many other blogs in which you can ask Godzilla stuff, but i do not have the time to be drawing literally everything that people submit, so i need time to think of ideas that are satisfying to the viewers, something that can be acceptably funny, and spend some time making it pretty, i dont exactly have time for people saying "Godzilla can you kiss Mothra for me? now go give Anguirus a high five!! Now can you meet my OC Digimon-Pony?" 

also i like to believe in myself as an innovator, which is why you hardly see Godzilla doing jokes that are too easy to pull, i wanna challenge myself to see if i can interpret some kinda joke or situation in a way that's not just "obey me cus i'm the king baby! *atomic breath* there problem solved!" .. there's too many of those as it is, i wanna try and give you guys something good and new, and if you dont like it then start your own ask blog or something

**those of you who follow the rules, i thank you for being patient with me, and that is why your submissions are on this list :iconthankyouplz: **

so gimme a bit of time, i require time to think of the situations, sketch out the drawings, outline them and color them in photoshop, but hopefully my new pen tablet will help me speed that up, i should have some more coming in soon so just hang in there with me, ok? thanks
shiny scales, bro by RoFlo-Felorez
shiny scales, bro
the Golden Smacklejaw  '2015 edition

how many times have i drawn this guy in this exact same pose? oh well

Golden Smacklejaw belongs to me 
Dancing Titan by RoFlo-Felorez
Dancing Titan
SEASON 2 EXCLUSIVE ... or maybe a spoiler .. depends on how you look at it 

its only a spoiler if you look up Attack on Titan fanart and come across this critter by mistake, cus then the fans will explain the titan's name and personality and everything else coming in Season 2, so if you'd rather not have this spoiled for you, avoid fanart at all costs OR just read the damn anime i mean COME ON THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT IN THE DAMN BOOK, SERIOUSLY ITS FUCKING EPIC OK 

its like looking into the future except you dont have to worry about it ruining time and space just READ THE DAMN BOOK 

last titan, now back to Godziller and everything else 
i do not own the Dancing Titan or Attack on Titan, why would you think i ever owned any of that? im a college student, yo
Armored Titan by RoFlo-Felorez
Armored Titan
BEHOLD the impossible to kill, extremely fast, and for some reason breathed fire for 2 seconds  .. THIS GUY

Attack on Titan Abrigdged: "hey FUCK THAT GUY!!"

this guy's armor is literally just rock muscles, except some of them don't exist, so gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em, know what i'm sayin'?

ok one more after this and then back to your regularly scheduled program

i do not own Attack on Titan or any of the titan shifters, they belong to Japan
Colossal Titan by RoFlo-Felorez
Colossal Titan
damn that life drawing class was well worth it, teaching us anatomy of the human body in its full naked form while teaching us muscles and stuff .. totally paid off 

i hate drawing muscles 

ok once i get the last few Titans out of the way i'll probably get back to other stuff .. next one is Armored titan and .. its basically a rocky version of this ... y-eaayyy..

i do not own the Colossal Titan or Attack on Titan, they belong to their owners


Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Wanna learn more about me? Wanna see more art pieces before they reach deviantart? Go to my photo albums and look for my art album. First add me as a friend so we could talk about art trades and collaborations :)
just tell me who you are on first :P

Link to my facebook page…

Most people call me RoFlo, but since that name's taken on deviantart apparently, i had to add my gmail name to it :P

I'm studying to become an animator/conceptual artist/filmmaker (if possible) to work in various studios and possibly Universal Studios, with hopes of working on big projects and changing the world with some of my own original concepts.

my girlfriend is also studying to become an animator and we are both doing everything in our power to achieve our goals together <3

on this page you will see a lot of OC's, 24 different stories which contain a vast amount of characters, and also a high tendency for fanart mainly in the Kaiju area, i'm sorry but i'm also not sorry for that :P

btw i also run the Kaiju Ask Blog, if you wanna participate go here ==>…
- link to my tumblr to participate further ==>

ALSO i'm taking commissions from time to time, but always ask just to be safe
*light sketches in black and white pencil = $5.00 (example ==>… )
*sketches and flat colors = $10.00 (example ==>… )
*sketches and toned colors with highlights and shades = $15.00 (example ==>… )
*colored drawings with realistic designs and tones = $20.00 (example ==>… )
- and a $1.00 fee for backgrounds cus i usually leave out the backgrounds

Don't listen to people who tell you how much of a failure you'll be.
Don't change yourself because others say how unattractive you are.
Don't give up just because you've tried repeatedly to do the exact same thing.

It's your life. Make of it what you want, just be happy with the life you are given. Its life, and it belongs to you.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large?
Print preference: i have my own printer
Operating System: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Skin of choice: Latin

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