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ok i've decided .. you guys have until the end of July to come up with something amazing for the Kaiju Fusions contest. cus i realized that 2 weeks at the beginning of summer vacation is not enough time for people to come up with something during work and school and all that other bull crap. 

so see you guys at the end of July, i'll be at Anime Expo from july 2nd-5th and working on some more rad female superheroes while you guys work on your designs, the rules will stay where they've always been

also commissions are open ... pay me to do something good

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
first off, thanks to everyone who participated in the Kaiju Fusions contest :) we didnt get a lot of people, but its still nice to know that i inspired some of your creativity these past few weeks. that being said, there's 2 things we could do about the final results

A. since there were only 8 submissions i could narrow down the list of winners to a top 3 rather than a top 5, cus otherwise there'd be 5 winners and 3 losers and it seems a little odd to have more winners than losers. and the results would be tallied by the end of this week

B i could extend the deadline since i forgot most people had work, finals, and other stuff to deal with, so that would give more people a chance to participate, and then we'd still have a top 5 list of winners. if so then the deadline would be extended to July 6th, so by the end of Anime Expo weekend

(you guys decide and i'll tally up a vote later)

speaking of which, i'll be attending the full 4 days of Anime Expo 2015 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, located right next to the Staples Center, so to those of you also attending, i will be cosplaying as Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger and Bunny


another thing i should mention is that i may not be working on any new Godzilla comics for a while, since i've been wanting to practice my style on a few other things (i'm actually working on some rad designs for a group of female superheroes right now) but also since it is the summer, i would like to spend time looking for part time job offers to make some extra money, so i'll be doing that and doing some temp-work if i can as well, but also commissions will be open again for anyone who's interested 

Commissions and Prices!! *PRICE UPDATES*hey guys, so i'm gonna be taking commissions for the first time ever, now some of you guys remember this thing  as it was my first commission ever, now you know what i'm capable of, and if you guys would like to get in on some of that action, here are my prices :) 



*1 character pose = free with every purchase
*more than 1 characters = $5.00 after the first character
+1 = $5.00
and so forth
*splash art non-background = free
*simple scenic earth-based background = $1.00 extra
*destroyed earth-based background= $3.00
*customized backgrounds = $5.00
*crazy scif

just remember that i am a starving artist, and we need money to pay rent and eat food, otherwise we can't make the material to entertain you little munchkins. if you dont wanna pay the artists for making good art, then all you get is Jonhny Test and Delgo flooding the world of entertainment .. and believe me you don't want that 

(i will fight you on this, trust me)

also just a minor thing for any of you who actually pay attention to those other folders in my gallery (so i guess that just leaves me) i'm gonna be removing the folder titled DNArmy, cus i literally cannot think of a way to make that story work. i've tried, i really did. i thought maybe it would be a sassy r-rated comedy about animal-human hybrid soldiers, but all i could see is it turning into a fabase for furries, and i do not wanna be responsible for that .. i mean nowadays people wanna fuck Chica and Foxy, and that's doesnt bode well for animal characters in the future :iconthefuckplz:

so anyway that folder is gonna be replaced by a new breed of superheroes called the Riveters, which is gonna be a femenism-fueld story about a group of female superheroes working for an anti-govermnent agency to ACTUALLY PROTECT PEOPLE living in a recovering post-apocalyptic world. the main idea for this one was to invent female superheroes who had innovative new powers and designs, and abilities that would make them strong and helpful, rather than making them sexy figures for the attention of fanboys everywhere, so no pantie shots, no exposed skin for unnecessary sex appeal, and no whitewashing of characters who come from a diverse cultural background. most of this is to clean up whatever Marvel and DC fail to do most of the time, idk how far we'll go with this but that's the idea 

and i know you all only care about Godzilla, so i'll just tell you that i will get back to making more comics eventually, i still have more ideas up my sleeve. so be patient and i will get to some of your suggestions .. some ..   i can't promise to do all of them anymore, i might even ignore some of you. just follow the rules and we'll see what happens

happy summer to all of you, that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
btw tomorrow is your last day, so be prepared to upload something by tomorrow at midnight 

so ... good luck :iconwhatthefuboomplz:
there's some shit i wanna talk about, but i can't risk spoiling the movie to all the people who haven't seen it yet, so if you've seen the movie by now, feel free to jump in and answer any questions or whatever 

my main concern is where are the sequels gonna go? and what direction will they take in order to get there? and how are the characters gonna keep this going on and on and on? 

i mean these ARE people who have been dealing with dinosaurs since the 90's, so surely there's gonna be a chance to revive the industry in some way or another .. and they've managed to fix at least some aspects of the company in order to make the film work

Jurassic Park:
zoo full of dinosaurs, they managed to get all the dinosaurs in their exhibits and then some asshole decides to turn off the power just so he can sneak across the island and smuggle the DNA to some rival company. he dies and the other company's like "aw what a shame", meanwhile people die during the test run and then the island was left to rot like Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. now all the dinosaurs are running around as they please and some raptors have begun breeding, while the T-Rex remains the only one of her kind for like .. 20 years 

the Lost World: Jurassic Park:
turns out there was ANOTHER island of dinosaurs where they were raised for a while and then shipped over to Jurassic Park when they got old enough, but its been abandoned for years and now some OTHER asshole decides to rebuild the zoo in San Diego. people die in the process and now everyone just wants to go home safely, but then they decide to bring the T-Rex home anyway like its not gonna go horribly wrong. then they're like "PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK" and now Isla Sorna is considered a nature preserve where dinosaurs can live in peace 

Jurassic Park III:
some idiots decided to spend father-son time together by flying as close as possible to the island where dinosaurs have been let loose running around for a few years like "WHAT COULD GO WRONG??" and then some fuckers get eaten and they get lost for 8 weeks. meanwhile Dr. Grant is trying to live a normal life and proclaiming "there is absolutely NO WAY i'll EVER get back on any of those islands as long as i live", but at the same time he's going broke, so some cheapskates scam him into being their tour guide in order to go track their son. they learn that there's a spinosaurus that somehow evolved (or has been recently invented .. idk how that works) and can kill T-Rexes, also raptors are capable of not killing humans long enough to get what they wanted and Dr. Grant saves the day by communicating with raptors ... although he never passes this secret to Owen Grady otherwise training the raptors would have been much easier. they escape and everyone goes home, and the pteranodons fly off somewhere and have probably been dead for a few years by now.

Jurassic World: 
somehow despite ALL OF THAT SHIT, despite the people dying during a test run, the T-Rex that killed people in San Diego, and the people who narrowly escaped the jaws of a Spinosaurus, and the books written by Alan Grant and Ian Malcom, despite ALL GOOD SIGNS THAT JURASSIC PARK MEANS DEATH ... a new batch of corporates come in like "hey how about we fix this place up and make it work?" and by some miracle it actually does work .. somehow. the place has been successful for a long time now, all loose dinosaurs have been calmly placed into new habitats, hell even the T-Rex who's been wandering around for 20 years was safely put into its new home, cus they finally learned how to use the flare-stick thingies. so now it has a lore of people having died like some disaster that can be swept under the rug, and people are enjoying the majesty of dinosaurs from a safe view and raptors are still in the early stages of training. all goes well.. until the Americans get bored and demand something cooler (fuckin idiots). now InGen has become a military-based organization and they're all "now's our chance!" so that they can pay for a bigger scarier dinosaur which turns out to be a secret weapon for future military purposes. even though there are so many obvious signs that it wouldnt work, they're like "we're gonna keep trying until this works" so they hide Dr. Wu somewhere so that they can make more I-Rex's later on or something, and after just 24 hours of the breakout, all the visitors are evacuated and the island is empty .. again. and now there's a velociraptor running freely and the T-Rex is left to wander around for maybe another 20 years.

so based on all that, and the desire of the people to be around deadly dinosaurs so much, there's a chance the people of this fictional universe may wanna try and revive the franchise over and over again. not just for the producers to make more films and cash in on our nostalgia, but the characters themselves would find some reason to return to this world where they'll be pitted against death and chaos at every turn .. not to mention face off against a brand new set of dinosaurs not previously seen before.

speaking of which, the online ad campaign for this movie mentioned a lot of dinosaurs we never saw before, but they never made it to the final cut of the film, so to people who didnt know about them its almost as if they never existed in the film.. which is kinda unfair. also in the trailer they made it seem as if the Indominus Rex would release all the dinosaurs, kill a few, start an army of pterosaurs and raptors, then go on a rampage and kill everyone, but all it did was break out, kill some people, release some pterosaurs by accident and then go back to hiding and killing everything it sees. so basically aside from all the plant eaters that got eaten, a lot of the dinosaurs are still safe in their enclosures somewhere. all those Suchomimus' and Metriacanthasaurs and Baryonyx's are still waiting around wondering what happened to all the people and stuff. like yeah some of the gates are broken and the main plaza was destroyed, but the only dinosaurs currently on the loose are Blue the Velociraptor and the T-Rex... that sounds like something the people could handle once they clean up the place. i mean how bad could it be if they found the same T-Rex from the 90's and brought her back into her exhibit once before?

let's not forget Dr. Wu, the dude who worked closest with Mr. Hammond than anyone else and the one who's been around the longest in JP history at the moment, this one dude who had a small role as a scientist is now in cahoots with the new militarized version of InGen, cus somebody ordered him to keep quiet about the Indominus' secret powers due to their fantasy of using dinosaurs in warzones, and clearly somebody is planning in making mini-Indominus' later down the road. there was also a reference to the Tristegotops in the toy line, as well as the mash-up dino toys for younger kids, which means that they're probably planning on bringing back the Chaos Effect later in the sequels…

the main question regards how they're gonna bring back this previously functional park in the future films? would they recapture the T-Rex and Blue, put them back, and bring guests back? or would the company close forever and focus on the dinosaurs running rampant on Isla Sorna? 

the first one focused on a test-run for a park that was too dangerous, the second one tried another angle of doing business, and the third one was "oh shit i fell in the gator pit, can you pull me back out please?" and now that Jurassic World has set up an island that's actually running, only to be crushed later on, where would the sequels go? what reason would they have for returning to the island if not to revamp the business? are they gonna take the hybrids to a new location and go through with the plans for mutant war-dinos? there were hints that there might be smaller Indominus Rex's in the future, but how would the characters make that work? would it all go wrong and have dinosaurs unleashed on the world?

would Jurassic World be the start of a trilogy that eventually leads to "World that is now Jurassic" ? or .. something like that?

luckily the Jurassic Park franchise is one that takes its story seriously and doesnt use cheap tricks just to draw in an audience like Michael Bay does (that fucker) so whatever they do, its gotta be full of philosophical sense and its gotta work just right .. so who knows what's gonna happen... 

thoughts? (i wanna have legit conversations about this, you guys ... don't make this about Godzilla please) 

UPDATE: this kinda answers a few things
Jurassic World comes out tomorrow (tonight for me cus i got my tickets to a midnight premiere) so that means you guys should be brushing up on your final versions pretty soon, although its not due tomorrow you have until the 16th to come up with something and design it to look pretty and whatnot 

here's the rules for those of you still wondering what to do Kaiju Fusions Contest! - RULES

here's your competition so far Kaiju Fusions Contest - submission journal

ALSO i've decided that as an added bonus, for the top 5 that make it, i'll throw in my own version of your designs and showcase them on the new blog, so for those of you who have been begging me to draw your OC's in my derpy Legendary Godzilla style, now's your chance.. if you make it in the top 5 i'll gladly draw your fusion OC's and feature them on the new blog :) 

GODSPEED :salute: :iconwhatthefuboomplz:


Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Wanna learn more about me? Wanna see more art pieces before they reach deviantart? Go to my photo albums and look for my art album. First add me as a friend so we could talk about art trades and collaborations :)
just tell me who you are on first :P

Link to my facebook page…

Most people call me RoFlo, but since that name's taken on deviantart apparently, i had to add my gmail name to it :P

I'm studying to become an animator/conceptual artist/filmmaker (if possible) to work in various studios and possibly Universal Studios, with hopes of working on big projects and changing the world with some of my own original concepts.

my girlfriend is also studying to become an animator and we are both doing everything in our power to achieve our goals together <3

on this page you will see a lot of OC's, 24 different stories which contain a vast amount of characters, and also a high tendency for fanart mainly in the Kaiju area, i'm sorry but i'm also not sorry for that :P

I run the Kaiju Ask Blog aka Godzilla-Saves-the-Day
submit an idea for how Godzilla would be the hero in a movie and I'll draw it out in a satirically absurd fashion, but follow the rules or i will straight up tell you NO

ALSO i'm taking commissions from time to time, but always ask just to be safe
more info on commissions right here ==>…

Don't listen to people who tell you how much of a failure you'll be.
Don't change yourself because others say how unattractive you are.
Don't give up just because you've tried repeatedly to do the exact same thing.

It's your life. Make of it what you want, just be happy with the life you are given. Its life, and it belongs to you.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large?
Print preference: i have my own printer
Operating System: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Skin of choice: Latin
ok i've decided .. you guys have until the end of July to come up with something amazing for the Kaiju Fusions contest. cus i realized that 2 weeks at the beginning of summer vacation is not enough time for people to come up with something during work and school and all that other bull crap. 

so see you guys at the end of July, i'll be at Anime Expo from july 2nd-5th and working on some more rad female superheroes while you guys work on your designs, the rules will stay where they've always been

also commissions are open ... pay me to do something good

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:

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