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Charoite and the Charoites by RoFlo-Felorez
Charoite and the Charoites
PLOT TWIST: instead of designing the others with the same color palette and hairstyles, i just gave them all themed matching outfits :D 

Anyway, I've decided that this will be the main squad for now. I dont have a name for the group like the Crystal Gems or anything, so for the time being, I will continue to call them Charoite and the Charoites :P

from left to right:

Star Ruby - :iconrainbowdrool:
Bloodstone - :iconajuethemod:
Charoite - My gf
Apatite - Me
Fluorite - :iconfyurama:

i dont think i'll be adding anymore gems to this squad ... unless they're cute and dressed well or something 

i do not own Steven Universe. Gemsonas by me and my friends on dA
Charoite expressions by RoFlo-Felorez
Charoite expressions
this is really good practice, and i highly recommend this to all of you with OC's 

just to reiterate, making a chart with expressions isnt about seeing a character make every face possible, but more about seeing what range of faces a certain character would have. it wouldnt exactly work if Garnet made all the same faces that Pearl made, right? thats why she has a set list of expressions and so do the rest of them

1.  Charoite enjoys seeing confidence show in one of her gem clients, especially one she previously doubted
2. she is like that big strong character with a big hearty laugh whenever she hears some good news
3. despite her cheery demeanor, she is also very mission-oriented and can get serious when she needs to be
4. she doesn't often talk about relationships or attractions, but there are times when she'll open up and talk about her thoughts on Apatite (who finds her super attractive) 
5. she is very protective of her squad, and any of her clients who she treats like her own children, and will fight viciously to defend the ones she loves 
6. after some time of getting to know someone and saying goodbye, there is a small chance she may feel a sense of sadness with someone who could have been a lover

also i imagine her voice actress would be Tia Carrere (Nani from Lilo and Stitch) 

i do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network
Apatite belongs to me, Charoite created by my girlfriend, but creative rights belong to me 
Apatite expressions by RoFlo-Felorez
Apatite expressions
they say for animating characters it helps to have a sheet of expressions, not just show how they make every expression imaginable, but to show what range of expressions each character has, and what that says about their personality, cus not every character will smile or frown or go insane or whatever. so i thought i'd use Apatite to practice .. maybe Charoite later 

1. Apatite is often bored and annoyed with her demanding coworkers
2. she will often act cool but find some way to spend more time near someone she finds attractive
3. she hardly shows any surprised expressions unless its something she would be very concerned about
4. Charoite knows her very well, and can tell when Apatite is trying to cover some embarassing secret
5. her flirtiness depends on how attractive the other gem is, and the ones she likes the most will bring out more of her intimate side 
6. she doesnt smile or laugh often, but when she does its usually at the expense of someone's humiliation or just to make a smartass remark

idk how many of you plan on going into animation, but i encourage you all to try this, its pretty helpful :) 

also i imagine her voice actress would be Ana Akana from Youtube

i do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network.
Apatite by me.
Smoky Quartz by RoFlo-Felorez
Smoky Quartz
got another member of the Gem Biker Gang ready, i'll probably add another one later on or something but you know, just for fun

also the name Smoky Quartz just sounds so fitting for someone who's rowdy and rough and likes to pick a fight for no reason, right? 

i do not own Steven Universe, they belong to Steven Universe 
Fluorite - the Smol One by RoFlo-Felorez
Fluorite - the Smol One
this isn't my gem, this belongs to :iconfyurama:

We have a mutual taste in making Gem OC's as well as making adorable small gems, or "smol" as we like to say x) 

also i kinda wanna start a thing where Apatite and Charoite go around meeting other gems to start their own little Gem Squad and set up a base somewhere on earth, its not official but i like to imagine that :iconrainbowdrool: 's Star Ruby and :iconajuethemod: 's Bloodstone would join the team, and maybe even a couple of others, but we'll see 

(more excuse to draw more hot gems to come soon)

I do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network
"smol" Fluorite belongs to Fyurama


Robert Herbert Aviles Flores Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My Portfolio Website ==>

My Facebook page…

I go by RoFlo cus I'm a huge fan of informality .. or just go with dude if you want

I'm studying to become an animator/conceptual artist/filmmaker (if possible) to work in various studios and possibly Universal Studios, with hopes of working on big projects and changing the world with some of my own original concepts.

my girlfriend is also studying to become an animator and we are both doing everything in our power to achieve our goals together <3

on this page you will see a lot of OC's, 24 different stories which contain a vast amount of characters, and also a high tendency for fanart mainly in the Kaiju area, i'm sorry but i'm also not sorry for that :P

I run the Kaiju Ask Blog aka Godzilla-Saves-the-Day
submit an idea for how Godzilla would be the hero in a movie and I'll draw it out in a satirically absurd fashion, but follow the rules or i will straight up tell you NO

ALSO i'm taking commissions from time to time, but always ask just to be safe
more info on commissions right here ==>…

Don't listen to people who tell you how much of a failure you'll be.
Don't change yourself because others say how unattractive you are.
Don't give up just because you've tried repeatedly to do the exact same thing.

It's your life. Make of it what you want, just be happy with the life you are given. Its life, and it belongs to you.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large?
Print preference: i have my own printer
Operating System: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Skin of choice: Latin
ok before i begin, im gonna sort things out here so those of you who dont wanna bother reading can just skip to the parts you care about 

*New Job
*Godzilla Stuff
*Gem Stuff 
*the Future in General

*New Job
For those of you who have actually been reading these journals, you'd know that i have 2 jobs as of recently; one where i work After-School Care and the other washing dishes at the Cheesecake Factory. now i haven't had much time to work on anything for here balancing school and work, but now a new job has been added to the roster (PLOT TWIST: ITS AN ART JOB!!) :iconawyeahplz: 
Someone from my anthropology  class gave me Butch Hartman's email and sent him my work, and after a couple weeks of skeptically emailing back and forth, he asked for an interview on Halloween, and it went pretty well. He's asked that I help him come up with interesting new concepts for a mobile app called the Noog Network: a fun safe place for children to play games online, create their own little noog monsters, and watch brand new pilot cartoons for free, all entirely funded by Butch Hartman himself and fueled by the success of the Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, and Tuff Puppy. Now the deal is that he's asked for me to make some sketches or full blown pieces of the interior of some buildings, and i'll be paid for every 5 pieces of work to start off, eventually i'll get paid more if this all goes well. Hopefully if i can make enough money then I can afford to let go of the Cheesecake Factory cus that's been eating up all my time on the weekends to work on other things. .. speaking of which ..

This semester has probably been the busiest semester for me up to date, but at least i've gotten ahead in my animation career more than ever before. I'm getting a brand new start and learning everything i need to know, even helping my girlfriend learn what she needs to know before she can transfer as well. The main problem is that my semester has been stuffed with classes in the morning, work in the afternoons, and another job on the weekends, leaving me with sundays, small gaps during the weekdays, and small windows of time on the weekends to do whatever i want .. not to mention homework and projects for school. so sorry to those of you waiting to see what i post next, i may not have as much time as before, but at least your mailboxes wont get full of my stuff like it used to before, right? and as it seems that i tend to switch fandoms quite spastically, by the time i start posting again i might be into something else, so most of you might lose interest by then .. which brings me to my next point 

*Godzilla Stuff (the only thing you guys care about) 
I know i said i would get back to making Godzilla comics but as of now .. I'm gonna have to put a hold on them indefinitely. I know i spent a lot of time making the new Godzilla-Saves-the-Day blog on tumblr, and it will remain there, but there's a good chance i might not make anymore comics of Godzilla showing up in films. it's been a lot of work for free .. and as an artist i can't continue to do that forever. also not to mention that it's been somewhat aggravating that so many of you demand my free time to make such a large number of comics, and its hard to meet all your expectations cus i wanted to deliver something better than whatever you expected, but im not gonna worry about it anymore cus its not what really matters. that being said, this isnt' the end of chibi Goji  completely, if i do have time i may just throw him in somewhere as a surprise, or maybe just short comics if i get any ideas here and there, but as of now, i may not produce anymore comics of Godzilla in films, so all those suggestions will be packed up and stored away somewhere safe. I have maybe 2 or 3 that i really wanted to do, but i'll probably save them for later down the road when i have time again, maybe even one as a sort of "farewell" comic or something. so to save time, those of you who were waiting for another Goji comic and followed me for more of those, feel free to unwatch me whenever you want. you might not see him for a while and i dont wanna keep you here and disappoint you more .. besides i can be a bit of a dick trying to talk to some of you guys and i know thats bad, so .. whenever you feel like it, you have every right to head out 

i know a lot of you are dying for a commission (HAHAH WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT OMG HOLY SHIT THAT'S HILARIOUS) but since i've been super busy lately, i'll probably hold off on those until Christmas break like last year. besides my new job now is somewhat of a big commission for Butch Hartman, so i'll be busy making money with that anyway. who knows maybe one day when im more well known i'll end up with more commissions than i know what to do with. but whatever we'll see .. SKIP

*Gem Stuff 
some of you are new here, mostly for the Gem stuff. welcome. i'll probably make more of those while this SU hype goes on, as i really seem to enjoy drawing Apatite and Charoite and others. also i'd like to apologize now to some of you who may not like what i post, cus at some point i'll probably make a few somewhat suggestive shipping pieces between some gems .. i've been debating it for a while, but what the hell, right? ... anyway SKIP

*the FUTURE 
i'll continue to stick around on this website for as long as i can, i check it all the time, reply to comments everyday, and use it to get more inspiration, so i wont be leaving anytime soon. theres a chance my career as an animator might take off within the next year, and i'm hoping it does since ive been dreaming about it for a long time. i may not get to spend a lot of time with most of you like before, but there comes a time when we have to focus on what's important, but hey i'm still a kid at heart .. and i have no idea what responsibility is (pretty much like most of you here) anyway, good luck to most of you, and i'll keep you guys updated on whatever else happens next 

that is all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:

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